Thinking of Opening a New Primary Tradeline??? Information you NEED TO KNOW FIRST

With so much information out there on any subject, let’s take a minute to dial in the REAL ways to get PRIMARY TRADELINES for your credit. While there are a few ways to add PRIMARY TRADELINES to your credit, the easiest way is to open up a new account.

You can apply for new credit with any lender (the bank which you already have a relationship with is a great place to start, even better if you bank with a credit union). This is an essential element of building and maintaining a healthy credit profile.

Opening a new account may happen due to circumstance. If you are buying a house, taking out a loan, or financing a vehicle you WILL get a PRIMARY TRADELINE. Whether you are considering opening a new account due to circumstance, or for the purposes of credit building there are benefits and drawbacks. Let’s take a minute to go over those…


  • You are in control of the account (responsibility)
  • Long term benefits of your own primary accounts is next to impossible to match
  • Possible immediate benefit to your credit if you are building credit


  • You are in control of the account…if you’re not responsible with managing the account you could be damaging your credit
  • TIME – you have to build the account before it’s highly beneficial

Do the benefits outweigh the drawbacks? That’s for you to decide. Like your personal health your CREDIT HEALTH comes down to one thing…CHOICE!

For whatever reason you’re considering adding a primary tradeline to your reports, being informed is NECESSARY! There is a lot of information trending that covers various types of PRIMARY TRADELINES. While there is value in all information, staying clear on your goals and seeking guidance would be a wise choice to build your healthy credit. Get a CREDIT HEALTH CHECK TODAY to find out if adding primary tradelines would be worth considering.