PRIMARY TRADELINES and Authorized User tradelines…what are they?

When you break everything down to the simplest level, there are two types of tradelines that can be on your reports:

  2. Authorized User Tradelines

Each of these account types has their own benefits. Let’s talk about each one to clear up any confusion about what they how and how they help your reports.

Let’s start off with Authorized User Tradelines (as there is a lot to consider about these)…

Here is the simplest explanation of this tradeline type, accounts which lenders see that you are listed as an authorized user of the account. 

Well, what does this even mean? Let’s clear it up!

When you’re an authorized user on an account you have been added as an individual that has been granted access to the account by the PRIMARY ACCOUNT HOLDER. The PRIMARY account holder is the person in which the account was granted (think of this as owning the account – though technically the bank “owns” the account and they are allowing the PRIMARY account holder to use and manage the account…though, that might make things confusing for this discussion). 

Let’s simplify it a little bit more:

  • PRIMARY Account Holder = the person responsible for the account
  • Authorized User = the person who has been given access to the account (whether it be for financial or credit purposes)

Well, what benefit does an authorized user tradeline provide? This depends on purpose for which anyone would consider an authorized user tradeline:

  • Financial – you have access to the account based upon the agreement you have in place with the PRIMARY account holder – coming with the ability to utilize the funds as desired
  • Credit – you receive all the information related to the account on your credit reports (pending the bank reports authorized user data to the credit repositories)…if the account is well managed this could be great…if the account is NOT well managed this would not be so great

So, ultimately the benefits to be found by being added as an authorized user are access to the account, and credit content added to your reports. 


This one is pretty simple:

  • PRIMARY TRADELINES – accounts which you are financially responsible (meaning, you make payments on the accounts as you were the person granted the account)  

Each of these types of TRADELINES offers their own set of benefits (and potential drawbacks). This is the case of “there is a case of too much of a good thing.” Any consideration for either type of tradeline should be made with thought and consideration. Otherwise either of these could be more damaging than beneficial.

When should you consider a PRIMARY TRADELINE or an authorized user tradeline toward your goals? 

When you need it.

This would be like taking Vitamin C when you need an immune boost, it serves a specific purpose. If you take too much Vitamin C you start to experience the negative side effects.  If you’re not certain what you need there is a simple solution: GET STARTED TODAY with one of our CREDIT HEALTH DEALS to get all the information and tools you need to take the necessary steps toward your goals.